RF051 Economy Series SF6 Gas Handling Cart

Used for maintenance of high voltage switch cabinets below 220kV

SF6 compact loading and unloading device, specially designed for little and medium gas insulated switchgear. the utmost tank capacity is 70L. Equipment with filtering and drying functions, providing automatic manual selection.

The sulphur hexafluoride gas is recovered and stored for liquefaction, and therefore the stored sulphur hexafluoride gas are going to be re-injected into the switch cabinet to filter and dry the recovered sulphur hexafluoride gas, thereby vacuuming the equipment itself

Digital vacuum gage or vacuum sensor is employed to accurately display the vacuum degree. With negative pressure recovery, improve recovery efficiency. Reserve the staple gas stroke bottle interface. The outlet of the air pump is provided with an environmentally friendly discharge device. The air pump features a spare oil valve to stop oil backflow. Optional 70L tank is provided with a separate tank gas heating plant to enhance filling efficiency.

Dimensions L 930 mm, W 730 mm, H 1870 mm
Weight approx. 1000 kg
Standard equipment
Oil-free compressor rate 15 m³/h
Oil-free suction pump 7.5 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.5 mbar=50Pa
Vacuum pump for evacuation 17 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.1 mbar=10Pa
64 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.1 mbar=10Pa optional
Refrigeration unit with closed cooling circuit
12.1“ touch-screen panel / Mechanical manual operation optional
Dry absorption filter
Dust floccus filter
Storage tank Max 70L
Storage tank digital weighing scales.
10 m long DN20 self-sealing recovery connecting hose
Inside Tool box optional
Fixing and steerable rollers
Paint: orange
2 operating manuals in Chinese and English.
Operating voltage 380 - 440 V / 50 Hz
208 - 240 V / 60 Hz optional
380 - 480 V / 60 Hz optional