RF300 Purification for re-use System

SF6 recovery and reuse.

The RF-300 independent series SF6 recirculation device allows the preparation of SF6 gas containing an unacceptably high percentage of nitrogen or air to realize the specified quality, so SF6 are often reused within the death chamber . The purification technology of the separation device is predicated on the principle of SF6 low-temperature pressure condensation. When it's necessary to purify and prepare an outsized amount of SF6, we recommend using this equipment. The purity of the prepared SF6 gas complies with the SF6 gas guidelines utilized in IEC 60480. The measured values of moisture, SF6 percentage and decomposition products (SO2) are much less than the IEC 60376 new SF6 gas guide and GB/T 12022/2006 China's new SF6 gas standard.

Recovered SF6 gas purity: ≥99.99% separation capacity about 40-60 kg/h integrated gas measurement and gas return system, with optional automatic control and high-quality capacitance 12.1 inch multi-touch screen user-friendly configuration easy to take care of and repair trucks are often installed On the trailer

Dimensions L 2400 mm, W 1400 mm, H 1900 mm
Weight approx. 1800 kg
Standard equipment
Oil-free compressor rate 38 m³/h
Oil-free suction pump 15 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.5 mbar=50Pa
Vacuum pump for evacuation 64 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.1 mbar=10Pa
Refrigeration unit with closed cooling circuit
300L high pressure tank
Buffer tank
Dry filter and particle filter unit
Electric control with automatic process control
12.1“ touch-screen panel
10 m long DN20 self-sealing recovery connecting hose
Inside Tool box optional
Fixing and steerable rollers
Paint: orange
2 operating manuals in Chinese and English.
Operating voltage 380 - 440 V / 50 Hz
208 - 240 V / 60 Hz optional
380 - 480 V / 60 Hz optional