RSS SF6 Pipeline Infrared Sensor

Embedded SF6 sensor is an infrared gas sensor based on single light source and dual beam non-color infrared measurement technology (NDIR)

Designed for SF6 pumping leakage design. The advanced infrared sensor has good linearity, repeatability and solid air chamber to ensure long-term stable and reliable measurement.

The pipeline SF6 sensor has strong selectivity to gas, and is not interfered by H2O, ethanol, CO2 and other gases. The sensor uses imported high-precision infrared emission detectors and industrial-grade high-stability single-chip microcomputers, with other gas interference, long-term stability, long life, and high precision.

Technical parameter
Range 0~1000ppm(可自定义范围)
Precision ±2%FS
stability(漂移) ±2%FS /年
Repeatability ±2%FS
Linearity error ±1%FS
Response time(T90) <5秒
Preheat time <1分钟(稳定时间15分钟)
Working environment
Temperature -10℃
Relative humidity 40℃;0…95%RH
Pressure 950 1050hPa
Flow range 0.2 1.5L / min
Electrical parameters
Operating Voltage 6.5V DC
Working Current The maximum working current is 140mA, the average is 70ma
Power Rated power<1W
Output Mode TTL电平
**Working temperature is 25℃, humidity is 45%RH, flow rate is 0.5l/min