Infrared type sulfur hexafluoride sensor

RSS-SF6 is a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensor that uses dual-wavelength technology for ambient air monitoring.

Designed for analysis of SF6 leakage quality and purity within gas insulated switchgear (GIS)

RSS-SF6 sensor has long term stability, repeatability and reliable performance and high-precision and easy to calibrate Modbus ASCII or RTU data communication offer a variety of options to connect the RSS-SF6 sensor to a controller.
Technical parameter
Dimensions 67mm * 36mm * 28.5mm(L * W * H)
warm-up time <2min(warm-up time) <30min(Meet all requirements)
Gas sampling method Diffuse
Measured parameters Linearity error ±2%FS
Response time(T90) <40s
Repeatability(RSD) <1%
The detection limit 1%FS
resolution 0.1%FS
Long term stability (zero): ≤±3%FS /年
Long term stability (span): ≤±3%FS /年
Temp. dependence (zero) ≤±0.2%FS /℃
Temp. dependence (span) ≤±0.3%FS /℃
Electrical Specifications supply voltage (3.3〜6.5)VDC··
Working current 最大190mA(平均90mA); @ 5VDC
Average power <0.7W
Peak power <1W
Signal output mode UART TTL
Signal output protocol Modbus ASCII,Modbus RTU
Climatic conditions Temperature compensation (-10〜40)℃
Working humidity (0〜95)%RH
Storage temperature (-20〜60)℃
Environmental pressure compensation (30〜110)kPa
*:The above typical value is based on (101.3kPa, 20℃ clean gas without dew)